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We conduct regular classes for fitness and dance enthusiasts!


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dance is the ultimate expression of whatever....

About US

There are two types of people in this world. The first type use the spelling Tapping while the others spell it as Tappin’. Tappin’ Around is for those who fall in the second category.

There are two types of people in this world. Those who think dancing is a frivolous hobby and those who think dancing is a gift to the dancer as well as the ones who are watching him/her.

Tappin’ Around, a dance & fitness studio founded by Choreographer & Fitness Professional Sneha Tharwani,  is for those who believe that dance is the ultimate expression of whatever it is that you want to say.

At Tappin’ Around we believe in:

  1. Keeping it cool, contemporary and relatable
  2. Evolving with time
  3. Using dance to achieve the desirable fitness levels.
Tappin Around Owner

Events: As you can see, we are quite an EVENTFUL brand


Workshops: We don't just teach, we learn and reinvent ourselves.


Student's: We love them and they love us!


collabs: Creative juices flow when we collaborate with like minded dancers

Tappin Services


Tappin’ Around offers you services that are best suited for YOU. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all approach because each group/individual is unique.

Regular Classes:

We conduct regular classes for fitness and dance enthusiasts across well-known studios in Mumbai. Our idea is to mix aesthetics, fitness, theory as well as practicals. Some of the studios where we have our regular sessions are:

Tangerine Studios, Khar
The Space, Juhu,
The Square, Powai
The World Dance School, Andheri


As Tappin’ Around is headed by someone who has almost a decade of experience in the field of dance, our workshops offer deep insight into dancing, various dance forms, a perfect blend of theory and practical and a new found love for the magic called ‘dance’. Not to forget – all this is done with a dash of fun because we truly believe that if you are not having fun while dancing, you are doing it wrong!


The stress levels are at an all-time high. To help individuals cope this burning problem, Tappin’ Around organizes events as well as workshops to break the patterns with some cool moves and grace.

Sangeet Choreography

Tappin’ Around makes sure that:
Passion weds Hard Work
Dance moves weds Tradition
Theme weds the Occasion

Our choreographers ensure that your moves will get all the limelight and your wedding is a memorable affair!


With the ever-increasing working hours, employees are losing the chance to express and unwind themselves. Dance serves a dual purpose – it helps you express your soul and it helps you heal your body. As more and more companies are becoming aware of the rising stress levels, we are tieing up with them to bring the gift of self-expression to the workforce.


People’s attention span is getting shorter and shorter, day by day. To get a slice of their attention at your event and keep them glued to your act, we offer you exclusive event services that are designed keeping in mind the nature of the event, the kind of people that are attending the event, etc.

Mental Health

Studies have found that exercise can boost mental health and help in people’s fight against various mental disorders. Dance, when used as a fitness tool, can not only releases feel-good chemicals like endorphins, it can also helps you form new social connections which can be an antidote to loneliness (a rising epidemic that’s affecting billions of people across the globe).